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The artist Anne Bengard in her studio. She is standing in front of a painting. She is leaning on a trolley with brushes on it. She is holding a few brushes between her fingers and holding them up to her face. She is winking with one eye and has a cheeky smile. She is wearing a white tip and blue overalls with paint marks tied around her waist.

Anne Bengard

 b. 1988 Leipzig, Germany

Lives and works in Berlin, Germany

what she does...

Anne’s work deals with issues around connection, intimacy and fetishisation, understanding the term ‘fetish’ in the context of behaviour, devotion, obsession and consumption.
At times borderline voyeuristic, her visual language uses polarities to explore social issues, norms and stereotypes and aims to create a sense of sensuality and tension.

Anne’s works ask questions rather than make statements.
Her subjects predominantly feature her long time Muse and bestie Das Fräulein Fuchs as well as friends and loved ones.
Anne is a self taught painter influenced by 90s anime and manga like Sailor Moon, old master paintings like those of Caravaggio and Rubens and 'surrealists' like Leonor Fini to name a few.
Having started with watercolour in her studio practice, she switched to oil painting in 2017. Simultaneously she began working in urban art creating large scale murals.

Her studio practice focuses on personal themes and exploration while her mural work shifts the focus on the history, people and contexts of the respective environments.

who is sheeeee..?

Anne was born in Leipzig, had her childhood in Berlin and relocated to South Devon, England at the age of 9. By this time she had lost all her baby teeth.
She studied Performance Design and Practice at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. She’s still not sure what exactly that was.
In her late teens she began working for London’s Torture Garden, the worlds largest fetish club. Fetish club etiquette formed her ethos of consent, respect and tolerance which now forms the basis of her work.
This led to a career in art departments and venue styling, working on the festival circuit, night clubs and private parties.
In 2014 Anne left London to fulfil her childhood dream of becoming a mermaid. She trained as a free diver in Thailand and traveled around Asia. Unable to grow gills and fins to complete her mermaid transformation, she relocated to Berlin to focus on her painting practice. 

She can hold her breath for over 5 minutes and has never smoked a cigarette.



2007-2010: BA (hons) Performance Design and Practice (2:1), Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London

2004-2010: Foundation Diploma in Art and Design


Selected Group Exhibitions

coming up…

Zeitenwende 1.2 | Location TBC | Berlin (GER)



Time is Running Out | Not A Gallery | Berlin (GER)

Kink: Embracing Liberation | SLP Gallery | Berlin (GER)

Dreams and Time | Mori Gallery | Berlin (GER)

ambivalent | Not A Gallery | Berlin (GER)

Zeitenwende 1.1 | CSR.ART | Berlin (GER)

Schöneberger Artists | The Ballery | Berlin (GER)



Gekaufte Liebe | Not A Gallery | Berlin (GER)

Magdalena Piech x Anne Bengard | Duo Exhibition in private location | Berlin (GER)

Fetish | The Ballery | Berlin (GER)
Melt Festival | Ferropolis | Leipzig (GER)



Mondo Bizzarro | Alte Münze | Berlin (GER)

Game Over | Berlin (GER)

Faces of Depth | Retramp Gallery | Berlin (GER)

Stroke Art Fair | Munich (GER)

Berlin Mural Festival | Berlin (GER)



Future Binkhorst VR painting installation | Trefpunt Rotterdamsebaan | The Hague (NL)

Spotlight on Anne Bengard | Seibert Collection | Berlin (GER)



Praxis | Oberschöneweide Berlin (GER)

Modern Panic | Truman Brewery | London (UK)

Parkhaus Neukölln | Berlin (GER)

Fabifa/Anne Bengard | Bar Eigengrau | Berlin (GER)



Monumenta | Leipzig (GER)

Berlin Mural Festival | Berlin (GER)

Wandelism | Berlin (GER)



WE ARE PART OF CULTURE | 100% Mensch | (GER)

THE HAUS | Berlin Art Bang | Berlin

50 Contemporary Artists | Enter Art Foundation | Berlin (GER)


‘Monster Madness’ | Slushbox Gallery | Florida (USA) 

 ‘Stopjectify’ | Gallery Different | London (UK) 



Modern Panic VI | Apiary Studios | London (UK)

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